Katharos XIII - Negativity

by Katharos XIII



Second full-length album from Timisoara, Romania based DSBM band Katharos XIII.

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F - vocals, guitars, keyboards
Andrei - guitars
SQ - bass
Sabbat - drums

The sound of Katharos XIII emerged from the dark chambers of human psyche, questions and deep melancholy into black chords, a truly unique combination of different layers and influences…personal experiences (all kinds of abuse, paranoia, severe depressions), strange stories, movies (Greenaway, Lynch), books (Eliade, Cioran, Zola) and of course no one can deny the musical field that is overwhelming and complex now days, but one thing is sure the members involved are more preoccupied to express themselves then being a part of the todays musical scene.

Order physical CD: shop.loudragemusic.com/katharos-xiii-negativity


released April 5, 2017

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sabbat
Vocals recorded at DSPro Studio by Attila Lukinich
Artwork and design by Alexandru Das
Produced by Katharos XIII


all rights reserved


Track Name: XIII
No one shall ask you about me
Calling the life inside I wander
Through green fields absent of sense
No one shall dream about me

The plague arrived on the sweet streets
Grey and sad bank of fishes
Fall from the ablaze sky
As it turns a bad day for all

A classic window maker
Confused wanders on the streets
He thinks Armageddon is here
The new era has begun

And desolation confused gets away
In a small eyed chamber
A creep dark cell of mankind
Collapsing again and again
Track Name: Negativity
Burn in the kingdom of the blind
A garden that cannot be seen
By the ones who ignore the creation
The path of the eternal self-torment

Away I heard the black sounds
Deep dark waters call for lost souls
Out in the bitter taste of love
In the cold despair of death

I saw the nocturnal chaos in my inner self
I am attracted by the terror inside me
The blood now runs in a chalice
Used to give strength in the face of the humanity

A humanity that I lack
A rehab that I crave for
Upwards in the land of black
The ecstasy of pain never stops
Track Name: No One Left to Lead the Way
When all is silence around me
I can stay and watch the paved road
That leads inside the dark forest
Near a great way forgotten

People started coming here
And were shoot one after another
Until no one was left
And the community disappeared in dust…
Track Name: The Chains are so Beautiful
Screams…she screams…when? When being raped
Silence…He is silent…why? Pleasure!
Place…a place…where? Into asylum
End of game…in silence…the pain…only screams.

I will tell you a story
Stories as we all like to hear
The amphetamine has won the game
Enslaving the pain inside soul

Close your eyes and sleep tight
While the angels watch you closely
Nothing bad to happen to you
Only to fall into their arms

The last breath…a funeral enriched…between skyscrapers
The windows face…a terrible frost…sucked by anonymous Christ

The rapture of the shadow
That walks through this deserted city
From a sad corner a lizard crosses
The world in its inner purity
A drowned goat is a bad sign
What would the cave people think about it?
A strange bondage between entities
Sun and moon are at war…
Track Name: World's Coffin
There is a place where the light stays out
There is a sign to embrace the path
For total isolation in pure coldness
And to stay outside from this world

There is a way to experience all this
And this way is trough the gate of the rope
There is a destiny to take your life away
And the pain to end inside

Night after night the dark city
Covers me with negativity
World I have to confess you this
You all have to travel with me inside the coffin
Track Name: I Die Everytime I Walk This Path
Grey paths I walk
In strange rites I travel
The rain falls and touches
My burning face

I seek, I wonder
The powerful feeling
To give me strength
A sacrifice to the unholy spirit

This is the real pain
To travel inside yourself
To find a state
Where we are oneself with the great blood
Track Name: Inside
Alone screamming down the crimson aleys
No one hears my discomfort
Sweet fruits of desilution
I like the colour of this snake

The candles absorb my darkness
This cell is my freedom

Kill in the name of the bleak faith
Destroy in the name of thouse feelings
I cannot watch the painted gun face
As it is on the ground buried in the dust

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