Kultika - Pursuance

by Kultika

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Gabriel Tamas
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Gabriel Tamas This is a slight change of style from the band's debut, but a good change nevertheless. I feel like the new band members brought some very diverse and suited influences to the table Favorite track: Do You Want To See The Splendor.


Kultika – Pursuance

1. Do you want to see the splendor?
2. Unburden Me

Jack Popescu – vocals, guitars, bass
Fulmineos – guitars
Inia Dinia – keyboards, vocals
Sebas Baltean – drums, percussion
Dragos Voda – bass


4 years distance since their highly-acclaimed debut album, The Strange Innerdweller, Kultika return with the 2 tracks EP Pursuance, a sensible, emotional and expressive take on Post Metal, one that marks an important milestone in the band's history also announcing the upcoming full-length album scheduled to be released at the beginning of 2018!

The official video for Do You Want to See the Splendor? is available here: youtu.be/9V9jnZv6Fsk


released July 24, 2017

Recorded, mixed and mastered in DSPro Studio by Attila Lukinich.
Design by Alexandru Das


all rights reserved


Track Name: Do You Want To See The Splendor
In this black, opaque night
I am all alone and wandering
Towards the end of the
Blue breathing horizon

Won’t you walk me towards the end?
Won’t you?

A thousand crosses are on this field
And a thousand corpses fade to infinity
Well the lands are open to ignore
Their spiritual wounds

And I ask myself, why?

Do you want to see the splendor?
Do you want to feel the horridness?
I’m dying inside of mankind, and the blood
Is everywhere

And I want to see through this melting dark
And I want to feel their pain
Well the sons of God
They’re deep down

Inside myself…
In this shadow that is me

Thousand blizzards of hate
Pagan Gods arise to prey
Delirium and panic is everywhere
In this apocalyptic scenery

And I turn my face away
My mask has now a new, strange meaning
The blind feelings are now one
My inner hate
Scheat unto water
Track Name: Unburden Me
I dreamt you came and unburdened me
Sound asleep I thought...I was free
The darkened cloud had finally left in defeat
But then the sun, spoke to my eyes - it’s just a dream

Leave and be gone

There’s no need to dream on… to dream on.

The silent torment that hath plagued me
The tears that I cannot weep
The thoughts that lay in the back of my mind
And the laboured tongue that i cannot unwind

So come again, come and unburden me
Unburden me

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