Saddayah - Apopheny of Life

by Saddayah

Shallow bridge of cosmic night Empowered by our small ignorant minds Spewed in a void of organic dreams Chaos runs in background blending with it Physical manifestations Shedding light on the truth Malforming it so it makes sense to you Adjusting the facts based on what's observed So that denial can be preserved The release of restrains become your very chains Even though you're there It's all in vain Perspective viewing fullfilness It all leads to nothingness Breaking the limits of your design Achieves nothing but your demise Outside the universe space and time In the core of infinity lies Blaspheming in its slumber Maddening vile dream On its benighted throne That amorphous blight Of maddening confusion Whose name no lips dare speak aloud Our creator We're just spawns of a blind idiot god Azathoth
Ride down from heavens high In the back of my mind The seal of truth was broken God has awoken In me Living in sin Silence bringer You are the one who is limiting Our potential Silence breaker You are the one who is aiming For something much greater Driven by fear In every human worm Freedom is lost On every human road There is fire above And frost below He is law And much more It's in nature It's in you Hell above Hell below Hell on earth Heaven in you
I took a walk on thy empty plane Prepared for the war that came Made a prey To the god I am Gazing into the Mouth of the abyss It's embracing me I'm becoming it Oh mountains, give me a body So I may express my soul And I would wrap my hands Around the heavens So I may become one I close my eyes and seize it With clenched fists I'm fighting Burning for enlightement I am the beast I worship Made a prey To the god in me
8 04:08
Pattern devouring machine Caught in cognition traps When eyes lose focus Your mind fills in the gaps Hello darkness, my mistress I've came to seek consultance For you are the one That covers the shit that shines in the sun In you there's so much beauty Even though you make one blind Because there are still shapes And there is so much one can find Reality A story The mind Tells itself A truth So beautiful It can only be lied Into existence Tell me why do you feel so important When nothing in life is relevant With what did this world failed you so hard You need to invent machinations of dementia
King's Will 03:08
Thrown into the labyrinth With no anchors to reality Visiting your ruins Greet and face your fears Echoes of the past survived You know you won't get out alive You feel your body shiver If you breakdown its all over The things you saw You cannot believe Echoes of the past buried beneath He, the king Ruler of my being My will is not my own I lie myself, I am the ruler Of my own creation My will is not my own I lie myself, I am the ruler Of my life decisions Own creation My will is not my own I feel something beneath Something inside of me That's running in the streets Of my apocalypse I feel something beneath Something inside of me That's flooding in the streets Of my apocalypse He the king Ruler of my being
We're all but a curse of Physical thoughts Our primal and final state Is pure as void And in this void Our pale lives burn Blazing shadows on the walls A monolythic structure Constructing itself out of itself An amalgam of addons The snake biting its tail But you may find beauty In this singularity disease If you cease to exist Only to get to the exit Darkest recess Of the human mind Gazing into the Mouth of the abyss It's embracing me I become it
Born in singularity Predetermined events abolish posibilities A bool spawned with organic dreams return in me A frustrum blending reality To still be here not knowing why Don't just survive, undo, rewind No time to buffer Execute and suffer It just can't be erased Don't retrace, accept, embrace No time to buffer Execute and suffer All in a self created, self sustained, self distructive system Placed in a perpetual motion by our random generated features Leaving the background grid Enter kernel panic
We beings of putridity Are born with potential Of infinity But they defile Our inner sanctity Those who dwell in this Corrupted reality Our fate was written In history and its ruled By our biology Weakling, broken Seed of corruption awoken Obscured, unopened Society values had rotten Sinking in the ocean Of despair and spiritual pollution Our view to the light is obscured Those who break the prison In truth they'll be reborn There is only one hope To carve into the stone flesh of god


SADDAYAH‘s debut studio album, Apopheny of Life

Order jewel-case CD with 12 pages booklet:


01. Apopheny of Life
02. Fire Above, Frost Below
03. Mouth of the Abyss
04. 8
05. King's Will
06. The Darkest Recess of the Human Mind
07. Born in Singularity
08. Carving in the Stone Flesh of God

SADDAYAH‘s music is rooted in traditional Death Metal, but the band’s serious technical abilities rose to a fresh, melodic and technical type of Death Metal with progressive and blackened influences.

Order jewel-case CD with 12 pages booklet:


released September 7, 2018

“Apopheny of Life” was recorded, mixed and mastered at the I.V. Metal Foundry studio, while the cover of the CD was done by Costin Chioreanu.


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