Daylight fades away
My thoughts go insane
Soon the time will come
My eyelids shut down
Steal me from this place
My nightmare I'll embrace

Eternal seat of power
By aeons ruled in shadow
So lifeless and so hollow
The dream arrives again
I hear them call my name
Beckoning from their graves
Unholy wishes they crave

When I woke up today
Knew (I) can't run away
Never, never say that name
Blackthrone, Blackthrone
And a tomb that's so cold
But somehow I know it's meant for me
And the sight of the damned who inhabit this land
All chanting and singing their sermons for me
And this haunting won't end until I'm one of them
Yet in death I may find the silence I crave

Your wish I lust to follow
To tread your lands of doom
Embrace me, be my tomb
The damned know scream my name
No longer forced to stay
I load my gun and pray
Blackthrone be my grave

And when the moon will rise
When sleep will close your eyes
The nightmare has arrived
A land for the despised
And when the moon will shine
When sleep will steal your mind
The haunting has arrived
You'll never know you've died


from Akral Necrosis - Underlight, released October 14, 2016


tags: metal Romania


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