Exhortatio ad Bellum

from by Akral Necrosis



Behold the fires unleashed, unleashed!
Exploit their weakness - Death, cold suffering and deceit
Black fuel for blood, march on, march on!
Seek out the living - Iron armored death patrol
Renounce all hope to live, to live.
Ruin the future, leave no city standing still
Fill up the chalice with blood from mass graves
Feed on the horror we leave in our wake
Suppress all feelings but frenzy and hate
No longer human, no longer human!
Embrace the killing like deviant fate
Death or dishonor we won't tolerate
Act out your duty, sharp like blade
Level their cities, level their cities!
Onward, onward to slaughter!
Onward, onward to death!
Triumphant, we found no peace, no peace!
Blood boiling endless - there's no reason not to kill
Block out all memory of yesterday
Remember no reason, all craving decay
Storming the frontline with intent of gore
Death seeks the living, its weapon is war
Wreckage, the horror, the bloodlust, the war
Terror, the hungry, the soldiers, the toll
Missiles , the bombing, the reckless, suffer
Children, the dying, the lifeless ...made war


from Akral Necrosis - Underlight, released October 14, 2016


tags: metal Romania


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