Die drowned in the lake of Hali
Where souls wander in the pale moonlight
Lie broken by the King in Yellow
Ill visions of a shattered mind

Cast the Yellow Sign upon the altar
As the twin suns sink beyond Carcosa
Stranger aeons pass unsung eternal
Ever shedding visions of the King

These grand words were written as a portal
They'll always find you when the black stars rise
Dead voices chant the formulas in horror
As the King of madness comes to life

...now die

Death comes near or is it coming clearer
Your mind is passing through another realm
The sun is setting and collapse is awaiting
As the King of nightmares comes to life

...now die

Send my light to stranger lands
And carve my skin with yellow signs
Embellish me with dreams of death
I have no will I bow to Thee


from Akral Necrosis - Underlight, released October 14, 2016


tags: metal Romania


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