Funeral chants come from afar
Heard from a cemetery bizarre
Where people come to stand in line
Realizing that while living they have died

Mass burial alive
For the every day living dead
The ones who knew they breathe our air
So grab a coffin and join them

Speed the way - Die today
Speed the way - Leave this place
Speed the way - Die today
Speed the way - Join your grave

Inject the substance
Into hallowed earth
Human beings
Be undone

Accept that life just ain't worth living
Don't stare, don't scream, just fall inside
With a big mouthful of dust and ashes
As I become silent, we divide

As I watch a burning pyre
I see a new light in the sky
We create a new empire
I am stronger, I am alive

Ending this night


from Akral Necrosis - Underlight, released October 14, 2016


tags: metal Romania


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