Unbind my mind and spirit
Unchain the ropes of time
I bear the mark of balance
Bless me with Your grey sight

Deny both god and satan
Those paths lead me astray
Make me Your chosen hound
The one who walks in grey

The light is fading
The dark retracts
I, I see them crawling
Angels and demons alike

As time comes to a halt I feel the world itself is shrinking
The One who stands above all is appearing
This God is all and nothing, let angels run away
The demons are all melting, He sets his gaze on me

Il Separatio

Unbound from death and sorrow
Above the threads of time
I walk this earth alone
His scion now am I

I finish my grey prayer
Towards Infinity
God of eternal balance
Make You a sword of me


from Akral Necrosis - Underlight, released October 14, 2016


tags: metal Romania


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