The Wake - Earth's Necropolis

by The Wake



The Wake is a Romanian / German duo and this is their debut album, the result of an 8 years work.

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The Wake’s goal is to show the world that black metal returns with simplicity, but great passionate songwriting, proving a high intensity capable to reach big audiences again.

The Wake plays black metal having Dissection, Venom and Bathory as main inspiration, but their style reminds of some of the biggest Scandinavian names (Immortal, Darkthrone, Dark Funeral) and shows also a powerful melancholic side, which resembles the British premiere league of dark and depressive music (old Anathema, My Dying Bride, Cradle Of Filth).

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released September 23, 2017

Production, mixed & mastered by Alexandru-Marian Seidiu at Studio148 []
Additional lyrics for "Ship Of Hope" by "XXVIII"
Cover design by Travis Smith []
Official logo & additional design by Costin-Alexandru Chioreanu []


all rights reserved


Track Name: Isolated Illusion
02 - "Isolated Illusion"

all is moving around us and we are still blinded by the stars named after ourselves
by a star surrounded with different arrows of different sizes, sharper, with more cutting edges
but regardless of these characteristics the stars are here to destroy and to die
they are complex, unimaginably complex, but only for the small steps of the universe
whatever we think about each other, we are perfect thereof
…of the universe
the stars are here to destroy
the stars are here to die
Track Name: Lost Painting
03 - "Lost Painting"

the painting is dead
the creator of death remains untouchable through times
we're lost on one of his artistic manipulations
we are lost
Track Name: Cadavers
04 - "Cadavers"

dangerous stock of humans perambulates around my existence
routinely mistreated morally
we fucking desire to die to humiliate the existence
billions of graves surrounded by sea
i light these cadavers to discover mine
a new world to come, a new disorder, a new cycle, no fucking conclusion
Track Name: Ship of Hope [featuring Joshua Kabe Ashworth]
05 - "Ship Of Hope" [featuring Joshua Kabe Ashworth]

Chapter I:

disconnected from the moral carnage
separated from the mental massacre
we sail in our story and we do not wait for the beautiful sleep to take us away
we sail and sail through these libelous times til all our visions become alive

Chapter II:

i am the face that smiles
i am the warm voice who supports you eternal and unconditional
i am the loud, noisy, full of exuberance and whose energy you feed
in these clouds inside their waters we swim relentless
we'll let freedom to howl with us
i am the one full of hope i am the ship of hope
i am the one full of hope untouched by the darkness and nothingness
i am your wild expression, free, without fear, bold and passionate
nature is recording us she knows everything
Track Name: The Painter of Voices
06 - "The Painter Of Voices"

voices making choruses that link corpses in a sea of noises
life is a season in fire
i laugh with understanding at your idiot thoughts
mephistophelian islands are burning to carry your corpses into everlastingness
being warned from the white pages written with white paste
being mauled by the pride of being nobody
your appreciation stabbed me in the back
the painter of mind
the painter of death
in the sense of humans i am mentally deranged but the humans have no fucking sense
Track Name: Earth's Necropolis [featuring Michael Pilat]
07 - "Earth's Necropolis" [featuring Michael Pilat]

walk through minds to light innocent cadavers
immure them around the mountain of complexes
i am inside of this mountain
choke with your revelations and become a part of the necropolis
loneliness is a cage of freedom
loneliness is my kingdom
earth come take them
Track Name: Trial Against Humanity [featuring Costin Chioreanu]
08 - "Trial Against Humanity" [featuring Costin-Alexandru Chioreanu]

so strong so passionate shall i fly above myself or shall i save the world from the beauty of despair
welcome to my funeral enjoy the tears and forever silence

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