Akral Necrosis - Underlight

by Akral Necrosis



LRM009: Akral Necrosis - Underlight

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“Underlight” contains nine tracks that can only be described as darker and more far reaching than all past releases of Akral Necrosis. Unlike “Pandemic Dominion”, the new album no longer presents a narrative concept, but a thematic one, with all songs being related to death.

The new full length has been recorded at Studio 148 by Marius Costache, who also handled the mix and master.

The release of “Underlight” marks a new collaboration between the band and Costin Chioreanu from Twilight13Media. The artist managed to perfectly capture the essence of the new album by creating the perfect artwork for it.

Akral Necrosis: www.facebook.com/akralnecrosis/

Buy the physical CD here: shop.loudragemusic.com/akral-necrosis-underlight


released October 14, 2016


all rights reserved


Track Name: Separator
Unbind my mind and spirit
Unchain the ropes of time
I bear the mark of balance
Bless me with Your grey sight

Deny both god and satan
Those paths lead me astray
Make me Your chosen hound
The one who walks in grey

The light is fading
The dark retracts
I, I see them crawling
Angels and demons alike

As time comes to a halt I feel the world itself is shrinking
The One who stands above all is appearing
This God is all and nothing, let angels run away
The demons are all melting, He sets his gaze on me

Il Separatio

Unbound from death and sorrow
Above the threads of time
I walk this earth alone
His scion now am I

I finish my grey prayer
Towards Infinity
God of eternal balance
Make You a sword of me
Track Name: King in Yellow
Die drowned in the lake of Hali
Where souls wander in the pale moonlight
Lie broken by the King in Yellow
Ill visions of a shattered mind

Cast the Yellow Sign upon the altar
As the twin suns sink beyond Carcosa
Stranger aeons pass unsung eternal
Ever shedding visions of the King

These grand words were written as a portal
They'll always find you when the black stars rise
Dead voices chant the formulas in horror
As the King of madness comes to life

...now die

Death comes near or is it coming clearer
Your mind is passing through another realm
The sun is setting and collapse is awaiting
As the King of nightmares comes to life

...now die

Send my light to stranger lands
And carve my skin with yellow signs
Embellish me with dreams of death
I have no will I bow to Thee
Track Name: Saturnian Gallows
Unknown moons
Gas clouds
Abstract grin
Unhuman shouts
Could this be mist?
Dead breath
Lack of air
Cease to exist

Hanged man on the Saturnian Gallows
There's time for a final disgrace
As life is banned from existence
All dead eyes will be erased

Is this the devil's
Or a godly feast
Why do I hang here
From this monolith?
They say I'm the last man
Life's now obsolete
This ending should suit me
I cannot resist

As the heavens grew colder
A new change of pace
All hell is now empty
Souls of men cast into space

Now I know I feel haunted by stars
Track Name: Exhortatio ad Bellum
Behold the fires unleashed, unleashed!
Exploit their weakness - Death, cold suffering and deceit
Black fuel for blood, march on, march on!
Seek out the living - Iron armored death patrol
Renounce all hope to live, to live.
Ruin the future, leave no city standing still
Fill up the chalice with blood from mass graves
Feed on the horror we leave in our wake
Suppress all feelings but frenzy and hate
No longer human, no longer human!
Embrace the killing like deviant fate
Death or dishonor we won't tolerate
Act out your duty, sharp like blade
Level their cities, level their cities!
Onward, onward to slaughter!
Onward, onward to death!
Triumphant, we found no peace, no peace!
Blood boiling endless - there's no reason not to kill
Block out all memory of yesterday
Remember no reason, all craving decay
Storming the frontline with intent of gore
Death seeks the living, its weapon is war
Wreckage, the horror, the bloodlust, the war
Terror, the hungry, the soldiers, the toll
Missiles , the bombing, the reckless, suffer
Children, the dying, the lifeless ...made war
Track Name: Purge
Funeral chants come from afar
Heard from a cemetery bizarre
Where people come to stand in line
Realizing that while living they have died

Mass burial alive
For the every day living dead
The ones who knew they breathe our air
So grab a coffin and join them

Speed the way - Die today
Speed the way - Leave this place
Speed the way - Die today
Speed the way - Join your grave

Inject the substance
Into hallowed earth
Human beings
Be undone

Accept that life just ain't worth living
Don't stare, don't scream, just fall inside
With a big mouthful of dust and ashes
As I become silent, we divide

As I watch a burning pyre
I see a new light in the sky
We create a new empire
I am stronger, I am alive

Ending this night
Track Name: Sin Gauntlet
Flesh holds her secrets
Mysteries from beyond
Dear, my lovely dear
Breathing nevermore

She'll never share her purity with me
I will yet prevail, achieve serenity
Lust clouded judgement, want immortality
Secrets lost forever, this carcass holds the key

Winds, they blow into the flaming dying candlelight
The walls turn rot and crack with sulfur burning all my sight
Torment, endless perdition, hellfire burning bright
I'll lose my soul for sure if I don't set this right

Lies, Lies
They spoke to me
They lied to me

In a trance I use my dagger
Cut her heart out
I devour
In a glimpse I sense misfortune
This is poison, not salvation

I hear the voices preaching
Of the lakes of fire
And my lost redemption

The other gift
The other gift
... it was
Track Name: Hounds of Plague
Born from rabid dogs on tainted ground while witches dance
Our blood always runs cold, you should have known you’d never last
Vile infected beasts that prey on weak and feast on blood
Now that we caught your scent, we won't back down, you're dead and gone

Unceasing nightmares here to haunt you
Casting horrid shades of death
Dreaded reality, nor dream, nor madness
Curses you to an early grave

You know the name - Scream it in terror
All fear the Hounds - All fear the Hounds of Plague
All hail the Hounds - All hail the Hounds of Plague

The splattered snow is full of mangled corpses
The path you tread now is beyond all choice
It now has led you to much deadly hoaxes
I am forever bound to spit with curses

Madness rides the nightwind
Madness rides the nightwind
Track Name: Blackthrone
Daylight fades away
My thoughts go insane
Soon the time will come
My eyelids shut down
Steal me from this place
My nightmare I'll embrace

Eternal seat of power
By aeons ruled in shadow
So lifeless and so hollow
The dream arrives again
I hear them call my name
Beckoning from their graves
Unholy wishes they crave

When I woke up today
Knew (I) can't run away
Never, never say that name
Blackthrone, Blackthrone
And a tomb that's so cold
But somehow I know it's meant for me
And the sight of the damned who inhabit this land
All chanting and singing their sermons for me
And this haunting won't end until I'm one of them
Yet in death I may find the silence I crave

Your wish I lust to follow
To tread your lands of doom
Embrace me, be my tomb
The damned know scream my name
No longer forced to stay
I load my gun and pray
Blackthrone be my grave

And when the moon will rise
When sleep will close your eyes
The nightmare has arrived
A land for the despised
And when the moon will shine
When sleep will steal your mind
The haunting has arrived
You'll never know you've died
Track Name: Underlight
Let sickness reign
All my senses should die
And grind the sands of time
Casting shadows over fading lights

Ten vessels cannot bind
Dead leeches left behind
The weak are always meant to fucking hide
Unbent will is failure denied
With no mercy we'll carve you up and tear you down from the inside

Your end is prophesied
Face your torment or remain deprived
You'll burn in the underlight!

Ten vessels cannot bind
Dead leeches left behind
The weak are always meant to fucking hide
You'll drown in this underlight
With no mercy we'll carve you up and tear you down from the inside

Your doom is realized
Face your demons or remain deprived
And drown in this underlight!

Let the worms feed
Let the worms feed
I lie in slumber deep
Fell in silence steep

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